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Boston Dogwear

Boston Made, Inc. offers high-quality dogwear and humanwear clothing and accessories options to the pet owners looking for the latest fashion and trends. The Company offers a wide selection including dog dresses, outerwear, raincoats, harnesses, essentials, t-shirts, hoodies, towels, pillow, etc.

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Loving Boston

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Boston Strong

I love Boston, and always will. Even though I was born and raised in Georgia, and I went to college in Georgia, I come from the half of GA that's closer to TN. My love for the Bay state artificially flows through my veins. I was fortunate enough to spend the past few years in my favorite city, does Boston never fail to amaze me. There's several reasons why I love good 'ole Beantown.


Boston Made

No other major city in America is trapped in so thick a stereotypical aspic as Boston. We’re the city of dropped r’s and weathered Red Sox caps, the home of the Kennedys and St. Paddy’s Day, the nation’s most territorial residents and its most obnoxious sports fans.