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Hair of the Dog: How to Detangle Your Dog’s Matted Coat

If your dog’s fur is a matted mess, try these tricks



Some dogs just seem to be prone to matted coats. The reasons vary from longhaired breeds, which tangle easily; teenage dogs shedding their puppy fur and growing their adult coats; to dogs living in rainy or humid areas, which may cause frizzy fur.

Whatever the reason, the first step to keeping tangles and mats at bay is regular brushing. Longhaired dogs benefit from brushing three to five times a week; shorthaired dogs should be brushed two to three times a week.

DIY detangling tools

  • Slicker brush. A good everyday grooming tool with thin wires, which can help work out most mats.
  • Undercoat rake. If you have a dog with a mix of long and short fur, such as a golden retriever or a collie, use one of these — it’s the best-kept secret of dog groomers.
  • Comb. For a really stubborn mat, grab one of these. They have long, sharp, heavy teeth that help break up stubborn mats. As with any pointy tool, use it with caution to prevent hurting yourself or your pup.
  • Mat splitter. This one-sided blade cuts apart mats using a sawing motion. Saw away from your pooch, of course.

When the mat still won’t come out

Don’t worry; it happens. Resist the urge to cut it out with scissors. Instead, see a professional. A groomer will get the mat out and can recommend an overall doggie haircut to avoid the problem in the future.

If your dog is impossibly matted all over, a full-body shave may be the least painful option. But don’t worry, their coat will grow back and you can keep it silky this time.

Visit the Boston Made Grooming Salon page to find a professionally trained pet stylist near you.

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Best Booster Car Seats For a Safe Trip For You And Your Dog

When we take our pups for a car ride, they do what dogs naturally do, stand on their hind legs and look out the window. This can quickly become a safety hazard for you and your pup, so it would be best to get a comfortable and stable dog car seat. 



Photo: Shutterstock

When we take our pups for a car ride, they do what dogs naturally do, stand on their hind legs and look out the window. This can quickly become a safety hazard for you and your pup, so it would be best to get a comfortable and stable dog car seat.

How to choose the right car seat for your dog?

There are so many choices when it comes to choosing a booster car seat for your dog, so how do you choose the right seat for your pup?

Well, here are a few things to consider while you’re browsing online for a new car seat.

  • Think about the size of your pup. Will the seat be big enough?
  • Different breeds will have different needs, so you’ll want a seat that will be comfortable.
  • The material of the car seat. This is important if you have a dog that has sensitive skin.
  • It’s best to get a more affordable seat for short trips to the dog park or the vet.
  • You need to make sure that your dog car seat will easily fit in your car.
  • You also need to make sure that your pup’s car seat will be easy to clean and to maintain.

Top Booster Car Seats for Dogs in 2021

Lookout I Dog Car Seat Khaki Quilted

This seat with a lamb’s wool interior will give your pup the most comfortable seat in the car. The car seat includes a strap connection that will connect to your car’s seat belt. If you’re a pup parent of a small or medium dog, this is the perfect car seat for you.

If this seat sounds like a perfect fit for you and your pup, then check out our stock and latest arrivals here.

Luxury Lookout I Dog Car Seat Superflauge

This seat comes with a great fashionable camouflage design for your pup’s inner outdoor adventure dog. This seat comes with an easily removable micro-suede cover with a zipper and pillows that are convenient to wash.

If you want your pup to feel like it is going on an outdoor safari adventure, you should check out our stock here.

Lookout II Dog Car Seat Black Quilted

This is a great dog seat for you and your pup to take on a long road trip. There’s also the extra convenience of having a storage tray placed at the bottom of the seat. It also comes with a connection harness that will connect to your seat belt with ease. This dog car booster seat comes in two sizes for small and medium dogs up to 25lbs.

If you fancy getting a personalized seat for your pup, then you should see our range on our website.

Console Dog Car Seat Black Quilted

This car seat has a tough yet soft foam frame that is inside a removable cover. You will also be able to make sure that your pup’s seat is clean by washing the cover in the washing machine. The extra features include straps for making sure the seat is secure in the back seat. It also comes in different sizes for small and large dogs.

If you have a nervous pup that needs a comfortable car then you should check out our latest prices.

Luxury Console Dog Car Seat Pink

Your pup will be super safe in this durable yet comfortable foam car seat complete with a safety harness to make sure your dog stays secure. You will be able to safely secure this seat to a seat base and a console lid. As an extra bonus, you can wash and dry this seat, in a regular washer and dryer.

If you want to give your pup a luxury car ride, then you should view our whole range.

Luxury Highback Console Dog Car Seat Aqua

Your giant pups can also enjoy a comfortable car ride with the Luxury High Back Console Dog Car Seat. It will also snugly fit into the back seat of an SUV or even a truck for a comfortable ride for you and your pup.

If this sounds like the ideal seat feel free to browse our latest stock.

Luxury Highback Console Dog Car Seat Tempest Spring

With this seat, your pup will be safe and sound for the duration of its car ride, on the console. There is also a safety strap, removable cover and a non-skid bottom to keep your seat secure in your car. Furthermore, it has a high back that will keep your pup from jumping out its seat giving you peace of mind.

If you think that this is  the perfect match for your pup then you can read more about it here.

Booster Dog Car Seat Slate Medium

With this booster dog car seat you’ll be able to drive around knowing that your pup is snug and secure. You can use your car’s belt system to keep the seat in place and getting this booster seat out again is a piece of cake. As an added bonus, the seat is made from firm foam and a cover that can be easily removed to wash.

If you want a dog car seat that can also be used as a bed for inside the house then this extremely versatile car seat is for you.

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Bucket Booster Dog Car Seat

This booster dog car seat comes in two different designs: Jaguar and Chocolate Swirl. This seat comes with four tethers that can be used with your car’s safety belts to keep your pup safe while you drive. There are also removable plush pillows to keep your pup comfortable and it can be easily washed to make sure that your pup has a clean seat.

This booster seat is great for small dogs who want to look out the window during a car ride and be comfortable.

What if your dog doesn’t love their new car seat?

You’ve spent hours doing meticulous research, and you’ve bought only the best dog seat for your pup, but there’s a problem: they don’t like it.

We all know that being finicky isn’t just for cats. Even our full-grown pooches will have tantrums to rival those of smaller pups. This can be especially true for dogs during a car ride and who can blame them? It’s an exciting time!

Unless it’s a trip to the vet, of course.

So, what can you do about it?

  • Cover your booster seat with your pup’s favorite blanket.
  • If the blanket doesn’t work, maybe a toy or two.
  • Let your pup first use their new seat inside your home.
  • Let your pup sniff out the new seat before using it in the car.
  • You can even let your pup sit in the car while it’s standing still in the driveway before going out on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions about Booster Car Seats

What is the Best Dog Booster Car Seat?

The best dog booster seat is the Luxury Lookout I Dog Car Seat in either Black or Herringbone. This is a car seat for a long road trip because it allows your pup to have a great view while travelling safely and in luxury.

Are booster seats safe for dogs?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe if used right. The most important safety tip for you and your pup is to NEVER fasten your pup’s leash or collar to the back seat of the car. Instead, you should make sure that your pup is securely attached to the car seat using appropriate accessories.

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How To Adopt a Dog

Adopting a dog is a big step. There are a lot of things to consider, from choosing the right one for your lifestyle to deciding where to adopt from. Let us help you find the perfect canine companion.  



Photo: Shutterstock

Adopting a dog is a big step. There are a lot of things to consider, from choosing the right one for your lifestyle to deciding where to adopt from. Let us help you find the perfect canine companion.  

Boston Made, Inc. has tools and resources to not only help you choose the perfect dog breed, but to also help you find adoptable dogs near you. Plus, our experts have a wealth of tips and advice to keep your new four-legged friend as healthy and happy as possible.  

Choosing the Perfect Dog for You

To find the perfect dog for you, you’ll have to do some research. By exploring various breeds, their energy levels, grooming needs and more, you can ensure the dog you bring into your home fits seamlessly into your life. You can use our breed selector, which asks a series of questions about your lifestyle and preferences to suggest appropriate breeds. You can also explore different breeds on our site, sorting by athleticism, appearance and other factors to find the right dog for you.  

Where to Adopt Your Dog

Once you understand the type of dog you’re looking for, it’s time to start your search. There are plenty of options when it comes to adopting a dog, which we’ve outlined below.  

  • Breeder: You may want to visit a breeder if you’re looking for a specific breed and have questions about personality, health conditions and other considerations. Keep in mind, this is probably the most expensive route, but by going through a reputable breeder, you know exactly where your dog came from and may even have the opportunity to meet his litter mates, mother and father.  
  • Shelters: If you want a purebred dog but prefer not to go through a breeder, shelters are another great option. They often have a surprising number of purebreds and many other types of dogs. These facilities house animals for many different reasons and are operated by organizations dedicated to animal welfare, like a humane society, or by a municipal or county government. They usually have a wide variety of dogs in need of loving homes, and some may have already acquired basic house training and cooperative skills.  
  • Rescue Organizations: Like shelters, rescue organizations are dedicated to animal welfare, but they may not have a dedicated facility to house and care for their adoptable pets. Rescues care for a much smaller number of animals through a network of private foster homes rather than in a shelter. Volunteers or staff members often foster one or more animals at a time to provide temporary, in-home care. As foster parents care for pets in their home, they learn a lot about the dog’s personality and behavior. In most cases, you can contact the rescue group and request to visit adoptable pets in foster homes to determine if they’re a good fit.   

Start Your Search Today

If you’re anxious to start the search for your new four-legged friend, visit or to explore adoptable dogs near you. Wherever you choose to get your dog, we hope we’ve helped you in your search to find a companion to enrich your life with a lot of love and adventure. Before you bring your new furry family member home, stock up on dog food and treats to keep him happy and healthy.  

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What Kind of Coat Does My Dog Have?

Make grooming easier when you know what you’re brushing up against.



Photo: Shutterstock

Find your dog’s coat type

Flat Coat

Breeds with very short fur that’s close to the body include:

  • Boxer
  • Dalmation
  • Greyhound
  • Miniature pinscher
  • Pointer
  • Staffordshire terrier

Short Coat

Dogs with 1- to 2-inch fur:

  • Beagle
  • Cattle Dog
  • Labrador
  • Pug
  • Rottweiler

Combination Coat

Dogs with a mixture of short and long fur include:

  • Border collie
  • Golden retriever
  • Long-haired dachshund
  • Papillion

Double Coat

Breeds with thick, soft undercoat and an outer coat of longer, coarser guard hairs include:

  • Elkhound
  • German shepherd
  • Husky

Heavy Coat

Thick, dense-coated breeds include:

  • Chow
  • Collie
  • Pomeranian
  • Samoyed

Silky Coat

Dogs with long, wispy, soft hair:

  • Setter
  • Spaniel

Curly Coat

Curly-topped dogs (which shed less frequently than other breeds) include:

  • Bichon
  • Bouvier
  • Kerry blue terrier
  • Poodle
  • Portuguese water dog

Wire Coat

Coarse-coated breeds:

  • Airedale
  • Deerhound
  • Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen
  • Schnauzer
  • Scottie
  • Westie

Natural Long Hair

Breeds with soft, flowing coats:

  • Lhaso Apso
  • Maltese
  • Sheepdog
  • Shih Tzu
  • Yorkshire terrier

Need help from a professional? Leave it to the Pet Stylists at our Grooming Salon.

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