Boston Made, Inc. offers high-quality dogwear and humanwear clothing and accessories options to the pet owners looking for the latest fashion and trends. The Company offers a wide selection including dog dresses, outerwear, raincoats, harnesses, essentials, t-shirts, hoodies, towels, pillow, etc.


Although the number of pets is increasing year over year, the growth rate is slow. People still prefer to purchase pet products offline through physical stores. 


The pet industry is booming beyond the world of competitions. The key takeaway about the future of the pet industry is that pet owners are looking for better, and more customized products for their pets. The future of the pet business market is not with mass-produced and standardized products and services. Pet owners want their beloved four-legged family members to enjoy the same quality of products and services that they would treat themselves with. The multi-billion-dollar pet industry shows no signs of losing demand, with pet owners spending increasingly more on fashion and luxury items.

With an increasing number of pets and the rising popularity of their clothing and accessories, the industry is projected to witness steady sales growth over the forecast period. Increasing interest amongst pet owners regarding fashion trends for pets and the need to offer them comfort based on the climate conditions has raised their expenditure on pet clothes. Pet owners are essentially trying to figure out specialized and better-quality products or garments for their pets. These factors have led to the growth of the pet clothing market. Furthermore, an increase in the number of pets (especially cats and dogs) across the globe is also expected to influence market growth over the forecast period. 

Three in every four millennials in the United States own either a dog or a cat. Strong economic conditions, the demographics of the U.S. population, and a growing body of medical research pointing to the health benefits of pet ownership are all contributing to its continued strength of pet clothing and accessories market. Dog owners love their pooches so much that Americans spend an average of $139.80 on dogs monthly. According to American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA), dog owners in the U.S. are expected to spend more on them every year. 

As pets are increasingly seen as part of the family, there is an increasing demand for pet products that enable owners to take them on holiday or day trips. This trend is also being encouraged by the growing number of hotels that now welcome pets, with manufacturers responding enthusiastically with travel-focused innovation.

To be a part of the growing pet clothing and accessories market, the founder Nathanael Strickland launched a company named “Boston Made, Inc.” offering a collection of products specializing in luxury handcrafted pet fashion. The Company was formed as a Delaware c-corp based in Boston, Massachusetts in March 2019. 

Boston Made, Inc. has embraced the concept of authenticity and innovation. The Company offers a collection of curated products from clothing and accessories to travel products specializing in unique hand-crafted designer dog jackets, designed for all the weather New England has to offer. All the products offered by the company are sourced from third-party suppliers. It has also entered into agreements with the distribution partners to fulfill the orders on time. At present, the company is selling its products online through its website. After having established a foothold in the market, it will be launching its mobile app, which will assist the customers to place orders from their mobile phones offering more convenience and ease. 

The company not only focuses on making designer fashion but also focuses on animals in need. It is committed to giving back a portion of the net gross proceeds on every purchase to the non-profit animal welfare organizations to ensure they have the resources to continue to help out the animals that are in need. The company recently partnered with Boston Animal Rescue Collaborative (BARC), a newly founded organization dedicated to empowering and supporting animal rescue organizations. 

The Company will initially be targeting the pet owners’ population in Boston. After having established a brand name among people, it will be looking to expand its business throughout the neighboring cities in the United States.

The Company will be perfectly positioned to capture a significant share in the multi-billion-dollar pet clothing and accessories industry through its comprehensive management team and experience, and its ability to utilize state-of-the-art digital and social media marketing expertise. 

The Company will be managed and guided by the founder, Nathanael Strickland having a shareholding of 100% in the company. Qualified staff will be hired, and regular training will be provided to the employees working within the company to update them with the latest trends in the pet fashion industry. He has invested an amount of $10,000 into the business and is looking forward to raising an amount of $500,000 from the investors.

  • Develop a sustainable online pet product business that designs, sources, and markets innovative pet products.
  • Support pet associations and non-profit pet organizations that rescue, train, and promote the humane treatment of animals.
  • To achieve a higher return on equity compared with peers operating in the pet clothing and accessories market and reach the sustainable and profitable growth.
  • To formulate multiple marketing strategies to maintain a steady flow of referrals.
  • To create an open, accountable, and transparent culture across all levels in the company.
  • To build organizational capacity and expertise to support growth and ensure the highest-quality delivery in all areas of work.
  • To provide quality products to the customers and maintain cost-effectiveness for long-term customer loyalty.
  • To differentiate itself as an inclusive, socially responsible pet products brand.
  • To offer a wide range of sizes for pet clothing so as to capture the long tail demand missed by bigger retailers.
  • To achieve a significant share in the online pet retail market.
  • To hire qualified and experienced staff and expand the team to cater to future requirements.
  • To review and measure the company’s growth and impact periodically, aligning business strategies with existing market trends.
  • To investigate the potential problems faced by the pet owners and customize the products based on their requirements.
  • To establish long-term relationships with suppliers and distributors to ensure quality products and timely delivery to the ultimate customers. 




Overall customer satisfaction is crucial to the business’ continued survival, and quality products will assist the company in building a loyal customer base that will drive the business to success. The feedback system will be kept transparent so that corrective actions can be taken as soon as possible through improving the designs. Feedback will be collected through various means including newsletters, blogs, or surveys. This way, the customers will feel connected and be a part of the business.



The Company has entered into agreements with the manufacturers of the top-quality products and distributing partners to ensure that the customers receive high-quality products with reasonable pricing. Its responsible sourcing ideals and effective distribution channels will ensure quality product delivery with zero wastage.



The Company has been established in Boston, Massachusetts, a pet-friendly city. The location has excellent transportation links with pet travel options, solid business networks, and cheaper establishment costs as compared to the rest of the country. A number of creative businesses are experiencing rapid growth in Boston. The city has also been recognized as a hub for startups (Number 1 in performance ranking).



The Company will leverage social media and other digital marketing strategies as marketing tools to target its potential customer base. It will also invest in becoming a thought leader in its segment and this will allow it to be discovered by prospective clients. It differentiates itself as an inclusive brand with clothing options available for different sizes.



Nearly two-thirds of cell phone owners in the U.S. now use their phones as their primary access to the internet. The Company will always be looking to update the features of the website, create quality content, post high-resolution product images, and reduce the load time on mobile as well as desktop, so that customers may easily browse the products. Pleasant experiences will further encourage better revenue, positive reviews, and lifelong customers.



The biggest drag on the industry is slow growth in pet ownership. Even with millennials picking up some of the slack left by the aging baby boomer population, advances in the number of new pets and new pet households have been minimal and are expected to slow from 1.1% for dogs and 1% for cats in 2019 to 0.9% for dogs and cats alike in 2023. 

  • Despite slow growth in pet ownership, the role of pets in the household has shifted. As a result, pets are now widely viewed as an integral member of the family. Consequently, pet owners are willing to spend an increasing amount on those pets. This has had an impact on the consumption choices made by pet owners. Modern pet owners are increasingly opting for higher quality and more expensive pet products that has created immense opportunities for online pet businesses in the United States.  

Another challenge that is being faced by online retailers is that people prefer to buy pet products from stores, as they can physically test the products before buying and they find it easy to return the products bought offline. Consumer behavior towards the shopping platform and other preferences often keep on changing which might hamper the market.  

  • Although there is still a fair share of consumers who enjoy the physical experience of shopping in person, those numbers are slowly dwindling as efficiency and cheaper prices become king. In order to encourage more people to shift their buying patterns to online, Boston Made, Inc. will focus on improving the customer’s online shopping experience, promote its unique value proposition, and ease down the process of returns.  

The key takeaway about the future of the pet industry is that pet owners are looking for better, more customized products and services for their pets, thus creating valuable opportunities for the new entrants like Boston Made, Inc. to introduce innovative products and be a part of the multi-billion-dollar pet products industry. 

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